Actio VZW

Day centre for normally (to randnormally) gifted adults with a disorder within the autism spectrum. Actio offers work and leisure activitiess as well as training.


A home, located in Nijlen, where attention and care are provided in an anthroposophical environment to people with disabilities.

De Nieuwe Toren

This guidance home offers housing and guidance to 43 young people (0-21) who are confronted with a problematic educational situation.


Multifunctional counselling centre for 100 youths (up to 35 y.o.) with behavioural and/or emotional problems, or autism spectrum disorders, with family replacement homes across the Antwerp region.


Low-threshold meeting place on Antwerp’s Left Bank, between beach and woods, where the less fortunate can take a breather.


Family replacement home in Kapellenbos, usually referred to by the juvenile court, that guarantees residential care to minors who have become stuck in their environment.


Antwerp patients' association - for and by breast cancer patients themselves - which offers aftercare and psychological support for breast surgery and amputation.


Guidance centre Vonk in Boechout is a growth spot for young people.

Vrienden van Betlehem

Antwerp association that provides free housing or housing at a very low price to the most needy.

Vzw Huyze Eyckerheyde

Suitable residential and living environment for adults with multiple disabilities, both congenital brain injuries and those acquired later in life, situated in Bornem.

Woonzorgcentrum CLEO

The GFFA supports the regular visits of clown Roberto in this nursing home in Berchem.